Even Supermodels Were Impressed by Catriona Gray’s “Lava Walk”


It takes a lot for a pageant to feel fresh. The entire idea of a competition based primarily on looks is passé, but amid the spectacle of last night’s Miss Universe contest, something special happened. The night’s big winner, Catriona Gray



A 24-year-old model who represented the Philippines, took to the stage and delivered a runway stomp worthy of fashion month. Gray’s “lava walk” first created a storm over the weekend when footage from the preliminary competition hit the Internet. Memorable thanks to her confident stride and final twirl, the strut caught the attention of supermodel Tyra Banks, who retweeted the clip and added some America’s Next Top Model–esque commentary. “Pinoy power to the max!” tweeted the clearly impressed Banks. “You did it! And that walk and confidence? I mean . . . next-level fierce!”


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